Opteem exports used Japanese vehicles to all countries. After careful selection we buy at the Japanese auctions and handle export processing to ship your car as soon as possible. There is also stock in Toyota, Nissan, Honda & Mitsubishi popular sedans, hatchbacks, people movers and sports cars.

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Opteem holds stock in used cars bought in Japan, including those carefully chosen at the auctions in Tokyo and Chiba. Opteem can supply plenty of photos for each vehicle, unlike some other exporters, to help you make a good informed decision before purchasing. Let us know which vehicles you are interested in and we will give you more information and if possible recommend the best way to get it to your country.

If you are interested in buying vehicles from Opteem please make contact, including details of the vehicles you trade in and your first expected order. Enquiries in English are welcomed.

Please contact Opteem regarding specific orders for cars, vans, trucks or parts. We are also involved in exports of other goods to order so feel free to make an enquiry.

Telephone: (+81)4-7105-2525
Mob: (+81)90-8517-8972
Fax: (+81)4-7149-2010
E-mail: satoshi@opteem.com
Address: 705-18 Toyoshiki
CHIBA  277-0863